Backyard: Round One

So it may look a little... cluttered but we're still thrilled to have a yard of our very own.  It does admittedly need some work but that doesn't scare us!  Here's the list for future projects:
  • Build/Buy Shed for Corey
  • Build Deck
  • Replace Fences
  • Plant Trees
  • Remove Dead Tree Stump (and Randomly Placed Trees)
  • Remove Junk
  • Dog-Proof the Yard
  • Remove Laundry Line Post
The shed, deck and fences are not in our budget (either financially or in terms of timing) at the moment so we'll put those on hold. 

We're allowed to cut down those awkward trees (yes, that's actually two trees) in the middle of the yard (we can remove them without any paperwork because the stumps are less than 30 cm in diameter) but we need permission from the city to remove that giant stump.  We will try to do them all at the same time so we can avoid renting a chainsaw twice.

We're hoping that if we advertise the post for the laundry line as scrap metal, someone will come along and just take it but I think we'll need to cut it down (without it falling into our neighbour's yard) first.  We have two ideas:
  • The first involves Corey on a ladder with a reciprocating saw, cutting it down from the top, one piece at at time.  I hate heights and tend not to love anything that puts Corey on a ladder with a power tool.
  • The second involves a rope around the top with someone pulling it towards the centre of our yard while Corey cuts from the bottom.  I am hoping this can ensure that it falls in one piece into our yard so Corey can dig up the base.

The previous owner of our house sent his brothers and nephew over the other day to collect his dresser from the yard.  They seemed very nice and were happy that I hadn't thrown it out yet so I convinced them to also haul that old chair and a yucky old compost to the curb.

Prior to our dump run, we spent hours picking up all the trash and debris from the yard.  We found all kinds of things that would not be safe for Barkley like nails, glass, old paint cans, sharp sheet metal which had been embedded in concrete at the back of the yard and this giant glass bottle top (below)which made Corey speculate that it could be evidence of a bar fight between giants.

We desperately need shade on the side of our yard without the tall fence, so while we're putting off the major expenses, we wanted to do something to keep Barkley away from that old fence and "define" our yard.  Here's a picture, to give you and idea of what I mean.

Home Depot was selling 5' cedars for $18.99.  They will spread in a year or so and the price was excellent, so we bought five and planted them along the side of the yard.

I think they are a huge step in the right direction.  Here's a picture taken a little closer.

And once those evergreens in the middle of the yard come down, our space will look much larger.  Here's the back of the yard, which is currently hidden by the trees.

Yep, that's a BBQ which Corey picked up from his dad's house.  For Corey, having a house meant having a manly BBQ... for grilling meat! :)  I think that patch of cement in the back will eventually be occupied by Corey's shed.  It's not something we're going to get immediately... but we do look at the sheds every time we go to Lowes and Home Depot.  Window shopping with a guy is weird.

Here's a final picture of our house, as seen from the back of the yard.  That tree really needs to go!

Overall, there's work to be done but we're thrilled with the amount of space that we have.  Corey and I actually feel that the yard is one thing that is actually larger in person than it was in our imaginations before we moved in.  More importantly, it is now officially safe for Barkley!

Update: Corey's dad let him borrow an electric chainsaw.  It may not have the cajones to tackle the stump, but I think those other two trees will be gone by the end of the weekend. :)
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