Closet Woes

We are "coming out of the closet" about our lack of closet space!  Bad pun?  Indubitably! 

Anyone who has ever lived in a house built before the 70's will tell you that the closet space is... lacking.  I suppose in 1926 (when our house was built) people didn't have as many clothes.  Flapper dresses probably didn't take up much closet space (joke) and people had fewer possessions in general.

To give you an idea, the picture above is of our MASTER BEDROOM closet.`

You've got to be kidding me, right?  Corey could probably fill this closet entirely with baseball caps!  If I were a shoe gal (I'm not because I can't walk in heels) this would be my shoe closet!

We obviously need more space, but a closet was something we barely considered and was not exactly in our budget. 

Now, closets can range in price quite a bit.  I have clients/friends who are hiring someone to create a custom closet who will actually show them a 3D computer image of their closet before it is fabricated.  Brilliant and probably spectacular... but not in our current budget, considering the work we're putting into our house.

While visiting another couple of clients (who also happen to be friends) I noticed that they had turned their fourth bedroom into a giant walk-in closet.  It was fabulous!  They told me to try ClosetMaid organizers.  For a no-frills wire organizer for our 9' wall (which we plan to turn into a closet) I believe we paid about $150.  Not free, but we priced it out and we think it's pretty similar to what we would pay to buy the materials instead of a kit.

Barkley "helped" by "guarding" our dirty laundry.

We ended up rearranging it a little.  Since there's no room for a dresser if we want to let Barkley continue to sleep on our floor, we also sourced drawer units.  ClosetMaid makes their own wire mesh drawer units and I believe a four drawer unit was about  $79.  We needed two and I decided we could do better so we headed to Ikea and bought two of their four drawer units (or 3 if you opt for a big drawer) for about $80.

Here's a look at our current closet.  I love that there's a secret nook to the left for us to stash our dirty laundry.  While we are planning on staying in our home, we are also renovating and updating to add value. 

Eventually, Corey and I would like to add sliding doors.  There are tons of Ikea hacks and we could always buy sliding wardrobe doors there, but it's probably much cheaper to just install some tracks like these from Home Depot for $34.99, and paint some plywood to create personalized doors. 

That will be a different project though!  With everything that needs to be done, we can live without closet doors for now!

In the distant future, I would love to paint this closet a fun colour.  Obviously, this is not a priority for a very very long time.

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