We Need a Screen for our Bedroom Window

Since our new/old house has only recently had central air installed,  we have yet to replace all the screens that were removed by the previous owners to make room for window A/C units.  I like an open window in the summer but we've been hesitant to open any of the windows without screens to keep out the insects... We know from living in the condo that if a fly gets into the house, we will have a very agitated dog on our hands.  Barkley just hates the buzzing and will not rest (or let us rest) until he's eaten the offending insect.

So, we've been sleeping with the windows closed and (since I'm a fan of the genre) I've been watching a scary movie before bed over the past week.  Before you think I'm a total glutton for punishment to be watching a scary movie in a creaky old house, keep in mind the following:
  1. Watching a scary movie is one of my favourite ways to unwind and clear my head.
  2. My books are still packed.
  3. I've only been watching about 10-20 minutes each night.
  4. Scary movies should ALWAYS be watched in a creaky old house!
Anyway, I was sleeping the other night and I woke to hear a scratching at the bedroom window.  It really freaked me out and I had trouble getting back to sleep but I didn't want to wake Corey so I forced myself to try to clear my mind.  It didn't work:  I let my imagination run wild for about an hour and I became too afraid to check behind the curtains because by then, I was convinced I'd be face to face with something terrible like a creepy clown. 

A week passed and I had forgotten about the scratching...

Then, this past weekend, we discovered the source of the mysterious scratching:

Apparently, this little guy likes to chew the wood that supported the old A/C unit.

He even brought a friend.  I call them Alvin and Simon...

Despite the fact that Barkley seemed to think this was amazing entertainment, I scared them away.  I didn't want them planting nuts in our eavestroughs or getting up to any other squirrely mischief. 

But seriously, they are kind of cute!  I come from an animal loving family so I've grown up with a fondness for all animals!  When I was little, my parents indulged me by letting me hide peanuts outside for "Mr. Squirrel"... I believe we had patient neighbours.  :)

 ... Because I think if my neighbour were actually encouraging these animals to hang out in our yards, I would be more like:

Just in case you're curious, now that I know how to find funny GIFs online, I'll be using them excessively here.  Just wanted to clear that up.

Now we can add "buy window screens" to our list.  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!
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