New Life for an Old Light: Part 2

I posted before the move about ideas to update this old industrial fixture.  We had it in our last bedroom "au naturale" but thought it could use a fresh coat of paint for the new/old house.

The weekend we moved, I already had this baby outside to be painted.  I made sure to tape off the "guts" or electrical parts.

See the tape?

We decided that our ceilings are high enough that this fixture would be great in our living room.  The room is too small for a floor lamp (we'd knock it over getting off the couch) but we still want some light so a ceiling fixture is the perfect option. 

Before we moved, we had selected a colour palette for the living room.  I thought the interior of the lamp would be a perfect place for a "pop" of one of our accent colours.
We opted for purple, which would stand out since it wasn't one of our main colours.  Because the Edison bulb lets off such a warm glow, we selected a cooler purple to adjust for this.
The inside was covered in two light coats of spray rust paint.
I spray painted the exterior a basic matte black.  We wanted to keep some character so we didn't sand for a smooth finish and we left the metal ceiling mount without paint.
What do you think?  It needs a stronger edison bulb but it lets off such an attractive glow.  I think it will look great once we paint the walls a more dramatic colour.
Doesn't it look close to the shade we originally imagined in our palette?

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