Oh Happy Day!

Remember this post, where we were debating what to get for the house with the money from selling the lamp and some housewarming gifts from our moms?  Well... we're ready to unwrap our gift... blog-style!

Well, here's the list of our options, along with some of my thoughts:

1. A new stove for the kitchen. Our current model grosses me out and, although I know it's clean, it never seems to look like it's clean. It sort of makes me hate cooking.  Yes, it's true that we need a new stove... and while we're at it, a new fridge and basically a new kitchen.  Since a major overhaul isn't in our budget yet, we thought it was silly to get a new stove when we may want a separate cooktop and oven unit when we end up designing the kitchen.  In this house, we're renovating to last, so we don't want to spend money on something that will not go the distance with us.

2. A dishwasher. Do I really need to elaborate on this point? Corey and I have been spoiled and we work such long days that it really is a chore to hand-wash dishes after every meal. Combined with our lack of counter space for drying, the dishes situation makes me want to pull my hair out.  Oh my goodness, this is urgent!  As a couple who rarely argues, the fact that we've been arguing about the dishes is upsetting us both.  We would LOVE an easy solution!

3. A mini makeover for the laundry room. We have some lovely new laundry machines, but I would love some shelving and a new laundry sink so that the room feels organized and clean. It would make me feel good to finish a small room.  Now that we have snazzy new laundry machines, I suspect the rest of this room will be one of the last things we tackle.  Company never sees your laundry room, and it seems like a silly luxury when there are so many other things to do.

4. Doors for our closet. We're so close to finishing our closet but we need sliding doors to finish the project.  We would love sliding doors but we just can't justify spending the $800 at Ikea.  We're looking into other solutions...

5. A vanity for the bathroom with some storage. Oh, how I would love this! We are so lacking in storage and a vanity with an actual drawer would go a long way towards reducing our my stress.  The upstairs bathroom is a priority but we want to do things properly (and it's a BIG job) so we'll need to save a little lot more money before we can tackle this job.  We're thinking it may be higher on our list than a kitchen reno though, so don't be surprised if we're knocking down walls this fall.

6. Plumbing fixtures for our clawfoot tub. We bought a beautiful old clawfoot for the upstairs bathroom and I would love to relax in a nice hot bath with a glass of wine and a book. I think even Corey would get on board if we purchased a nice rain shower head for him like the one we installed at the condo...  See above.

A few of you messaged me privately with a guess... and you were ALL correct. 

WE BOUGHT A DISHWASHER!!  After weeks of arguing about the dishes and lack of space for a drying rack, we decided a dishwasher would make a huge dent in our daily cleaning and maybe even (gasp) allow us a few minutes to relax together at the end of the day.

After researching models and prices, we found this slick little Bosch at Lowe's.  It was marked down from $998 to $548, so we pounced.  Corey installed it today, and although it doesn't quite fit in the cabinet, we decided not to worry about aesthetics since we hope to renovate the kitchen anyway.  It was so lovely to be able to just load the dishwasher after dinner and it runs so quietly that I couldn't even tell it was on!

Here's a picture of our sad kitchen taken the day we moved in:  *It's sad because of all the dirty dishes which will be piled in the sink during the weeks to come... 

Note: Awkward window to powder room should read: awkward window to future powder room.  Right now, it's only an awkward window to a random shower in the middle of our family room... which makes it much better... *sarcasm*

And here's a picture of our dishwasher, which Corey installed just to the left of the sink:  That's right, Corey did all the installation.  It involved plumbing, electrical and I think maybe even some ninja-ing... is that a verb?

Woo hoo!  We actually made this purchase the day after we got engaged last weekend and we may have been more excited about the dishwasher.  I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this dishwasher may be the best man at our wedding!  It is the best thing that has happened to us since we moved in!!!  (Except getting engaged, obviously!)

I know I'm sounding crazy... and maybe it's the wine talking... but I challenge you to try living without your dishwasher for two months.  Any takers???  I thought not!

So, we're excited to enter the next chapter of our lives... the chapter that has a dishwasher.  Thanks moms! ... And lamp!

Okay, It's getting late and I'm going to go stack some dirty dishes in my new dishwasher now... Wha whaaattt??? Seriously... I may sleep in my kitchen tonight just so I can gaze at it.  Here's another glamour shot:

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