Our Backyard Oasis

I mentioned our new patio set in my last post but I neglected to post any pictures.  Yesterday, we were too busy enjoying our little backyard oasis to take many pictures.  This new set has essentially given us a new room that we can use for almost half the year.  It is now our favourite room and I'm excited to show you guys the most relaxing space in our home.

After work today, we enjoyed some raspberry mint water (with raspberries and mint leaves picked from our yard) while we read.  This is what summer should feel (and smell) like!

While we "splurged" on the patio set, we don't regret the decision at all. The patio set was 60% off, but we bought it new from the store so it did cost more than my typical Craigslist finds.  The umbrella was a floor model but it is larger and more adjustable than our current umbrella (generously handed-down from our friend, Jo) and it is necessary in a yard with so little natural shade.

A quick note about our table accessories: This little vignette was actually very inexpensive.  The pitcher is old and has "lived" with me since I first moved out.  I think my mom purchased it years ago.  The wine glass was picked up for under $1 at a thrift shop and the succulent terrarium was also purchased from a different thrift shop (My mom actually spotted this one for me!) for about $2.  The oil lamps are on sale now at my local Crate and Barrel for less than $7 each.  Grab some before they're sold out!  I sort of love that they clear summer stock before the season is even half over.

And now for some colourful shots of our new backyard lounge set:

There's still plenty of work to do in the house and the yard but at least this one spot feels welcoming.  It's perfect for sipping wine and forgetting that the interior of our house still looks like the pictures in this post. :)

... And for late night movies one the laptop, we just rearrange the furniture a little.  Gotta love the versatility of sectionals, right?  Corey's already talking about movie projectors.  It's not in our current budget but we can think about it next summer!

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