Backyard: Round Two

The picture above shows you where we left off after our first attack on the jungle that we call our backyard.  The picture below shows our backyard on the day we moved in.  No, that furniture is not ours. 

Our backyard is no longer in terrible shape but we hate that the trees in the centre of our yard cut our usable space in half.  They also make it more difficult to keep an eye on Barkley.  On Saturday it was finally time to say Adios to the offending trees.  Note: Corey has been teasing me for weeks by saying he's saving these trees for Christmas!

We wanted to cut down the trees (Yes, that's actually two trees in the centre of our yard, not one.) before they grew so large that we would not be allowed to cut them without permission from the city.  We all know how the city likes to get involved where our trees are concerned
Here's a picture after taking down the first tree.  It's already opening up the space right?

This action shot is for our friend, Sara!

Here's the yard after several hours of hard work in the sun.  We need to plant grass in the bare spot left by the trees but doesn't the yard look larger?  We still need to remove that vine-covered monstrosity and that metal pole in the back, but this is a step in the right direction.

Round two is complete and our jungle backyard is down for the count!

How did you spend your weekend?

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