Friday Reading: Part 5 (And a teeny bit of wedding talk)

The photo above is of some of the wedding books that friends have been lending me.  Are you impressed that I haven't mentioned a wedding once since Corey proposed? Well, don't be... It's mostly because we have tons of other stuff happening and I don't feel like planning budgeting for a wedding at the moment.  Still, my good friends are not letting me forget that this is an exciting time and a big step and one friend shipped me books all the way from the US!  A special thanks to Miranda and Melissa for the books and to all who have sent me articles and websites.  I have such amazing friends!

I think it's safe to say that I'll start thinking about our wedding in a few months.  I'm still torn about many things and everyone I speak to seems to have a different perspective on a different aspect of planning that I wasn't even aware of.  Seriously, sometimes someone will ask me if I've decided what kind of fill-in-the-blank-obscure-wedding-detail and I'm like "I didn't even know that existed!" 

Part most of this is my fault because I like to seem breezy and casual (in my mind, I actually believe this is true) and I'll say things like "I'm sooo laid-back that I honestly won't care about x, y and z, as long as everyone has fun." but then a friend will offer to help with the planning and my inner Bridezilla emerges and I turn into this fire-breathing, micro-managing monster who's all like (imagine me saying this in a deep, scary voice:) "How dare you suggest mason jar candles!  What is this, 2012???  A photo booth with moustache props?  What do you take me for, some kind of fool???  No, I can plan this on my own!  I can do it all... and it will be perfect... Mwahahahahaha..." and then I laugh maniacally for about fifteen minutes.

Okay, now for some Friday internet links:

For those who missed this, check out these highlights from the flood in Toronto this week.

I think this is an example of great marketing. 

An important read for adventurous travellers.

How do you use your cutlery?  Personally, I'm not a fan of the "cut and switch" but to each, his/her own!

This comes a little late for the holidays but I enjoyed reading about these unexpected differences between Canada and the US.

I saw this great video (which is part of a hilarious series) on a friend's blog.  I have always been interested in the monomyth and I think this describes it well.  I should read my own condo horror story again to see if it conforms to this format.

This "More than a Princess" ad is a cute little dose of girl power.  I always wished Girl Guides Ontario would run a similar montage (girls playing sports, women going into space, etc.) to this Madonna song.
Some of these historic photographs are really interesting!
I've made a resolution to try to look at the world this way.
If you think houses in Toronto are expensive, you should read about these Boston parking spaces!
Would you sit on these?
This joke had me cracking up!
Oh, and for those of you following our home renos, Corey finished installing the light on his side of the bed the other night.  Now we have a matching pair... and we had plenty of fun practicing our Goldmember impressions!  I'll post pictures once we start painting the room. :)

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