Doodling on the Walls


I have trouble just sitting still and watching a movie.  I'm afflicted with high energy and I always like to be fiddling with something else while I watch.  As you know, Corey and I opted to live mostly without TV in the new/old house but we will still occasionally watch movies or favourite shows, (Amanda for the win on BB15!) and Corey's still trying to teach me how to fully relax.  It must be a Type B, versus Type A thing.

In the fall and winter, I often knit while watching, but knitting in the summer seems a little ridiculous!  Instead, I've been doodling a little.  I'm thinking of making a gallery wall (expect a post later this week) in the living room and it will be nice to have some different textures and styles to add to the mix.  I found this fun shading project on Pinterest (It's actually meant for children.) and I used the method to create a bright filler piece to include in our gallery wall collection.

What do you do to keep your hands busy while you watch television?  Do you knit and doodle like me?  Are you one of those productive people who folds laundry or irons?  Or are you able to just sit still and relax?
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