Friday Reading: Part 6 (AKA, All the articles I didn't have time to post on Facebook)

I hope you like my Barkley Meme.  I thought it was pretty cute!  The boys are still learning to get along and this has been a crazy work week but I'm going to post some fun links I've been collecting this week:

I love this article about myths surrounding introverts.  I'd actually consider many of these points to be true for me.

This story about a couple of teen heroes will restore your faith in humanity.

Do you start your day with an affirmation?  I actually do this and find that it helps me to feel good about the day and keep my eye on my goals.  Here are some examples of some inspirational affirmations that anyone can use.

I love this video!  Listen to Jerry Seinfeld explain the anatomy of a joke.  I think "muskrat" "slop" "bald" and "Jazzercise" are funny words... If only I could incorporate all of them into a joke.

Important read: The Boy Crisis.

Jenny McCarthy is notoriously anti-vaccination.  I love that this website exists!

I think this bench would look beautiful in a modern home.

This one has been making the rounds:  See how children react to the (shockingly) controversial Cheerios commercial.

A laugh for all the subway commuters.  Did you see any of these people today?

I can't believe I have been playing this game incorrectly for years.  This method makes it seem more like Florida real estate!

For busy Toronto families:  Have you ever explored these hearty take-out options?

Wallpaper worthy: Check out these cool travel photos!

Coolest dad ever?

I love this pretty necklace.

What's on your bookshelf?  28 favourite books that are HUGE red flags.  This made me giggle.

Is flip-flop season ruining our feet?  Yep!

I love this poetic response to public breastfeeding shame.

Wow, that list was longer than I had expected!  Oh well, TGIF, right?  Who's doing something fun this weekend?
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