Another Old Light (DIY Faux Aged Brass)

You guys know there are two things I can't resist: Cute younger guys who know their way around a tool chest, and an old industrial pendant light just waiting to be made over!  Right now, Corey's rolling his eyes so I should emphasize that I meant guy and not guys! 

Maybe it's because Corey works in electrical, but if I see an icky old light, I just want to bring it home and make it beautiful.  This one actually required very little re-wiring, and we found it on Craigslist a couple of months ago for just $15!  FYI, this was probably one of the best sellers ever.  She was heading out when Corey wanted to get the lamp so she just left it on her porch and he left the money in her mailbox.  Easy as pie!

The downside was the navy and white looked a little too polished or even juvenile.  We joked that it belonged in a little boy's room.  It certainly wouldn't do for our front hallway... especially with navy walls in the living room.  Too matchy-matchy!

So I spray painted the outside white and the inside gold.  I used several light coats.

But then it looked a little too new.  We wanted the look of a little wear and tear. 

For this step, I sprayed it with brass toned spray paint.  This time, I used one heavy coat to get full coverage and a slightly uneven finish.  Then I used fine grit sandpaper and sanded the surface until the gold was visible in patches.  Presto patina!

Now we have a vintage but chic light for our hallway.  Corey's working on some updated electrical, but we'll be ready to start hanging this (and an even cooler fixture we've been working on) very soon!
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