Two Month House Tour

We just celebrated two months in our new/old house and we are excited about all the work we have done!  As with most renovations, things tend to get worse before they get better...

Sometimes, I love reading about people's renovations because the end result is just so spectacular... but sometimes, the meanie in me likes to see the "during" pictures because they're so delightfully awful.  They always make my own home feel so clean and tidy.

So, get ready to laugh your evil super-villain laugh (Mwahahahahah) as you take a look at what it's like to live in a house that is undergoing renovations...  Seriously, this will make you feel better for not folding that pile of laundry that's been calling your name.

And speaking of laundry... it's time to air ours... So leave your dishes in the sink - nay, throw them on the floor!  ... and join us for an evening at our house:  Note: You may want to use the washroom at your place first, since ours is pretty scary.  Just sayin'...

For a quick look at what the house looked like on Day 1, read this post.

Let's start with the front entrance.  As you can see, we've done a bit of work here.  We still need to paint, add baseboards below the baseboards to fill in the gaps, and about a million other things.  I think I'll feel better when Corey replaces the light with something a little brighter.

Oh wait, you're wondering why I'm not showing the porch?  It's because it's full of junk and we're ready for another trip to the dump.  Frankly, it's embarrassing but in the interest of full disclosure, here it is:

See... I wasn't kidding!  Okay, let's look at the living room again.  This is obviously a room we've been focusing on but it still needs some paint and final touches:

And through the living room, is our dining room.  The exposed ducts (not shown) and giant hole in the wall make it a semi-priority.  Watch your step...

And here's the dining room from another angle:

Okay, this is getting easier for me to share.  It actually feels kind of good to show off these unstaged photos of our new/old house.  Let's move on to the kitchen:

Definitely not my favourite room.  We need more storage badly!  Our cutlery is actually being stored in the family room because, now that we have a dishwasher, we don't have a single kitchen drawer! 

Here's the opposite view:

I know it doesn't look so bad... but let's look up for a second:

Yup, I thought so!  Okay, Barkley obviously followed me into the kitchen so I'm going to let him be in one photo before I feed him and continue:

There you go, Barkley.  Are you happy?

Past the kitchen is the family room:

Yup, I wasn't kidding about the shower.  That is actually the shower we're currently using.  Oh, and I feel the need to share the fact that those beer boxes on the bookshelf are actually filled with books.  We're not as fun as you think.  Also, I'm not even going to discuss the pink walls.

Now, let's take a look outside.  It hasn't changed too much since I last wrote about it:

Okay, let's check out the basement...

Yup, it's still a little crazy and will remain that way until we are able to finish rooms and actually unpack. 

At least we have a laundry room... Yay!

... But, if you zoom out, you can see that the room needs work...

There IS a bathroom in the basement... Yay!

But it needs quite a bit of work and I'm still a little concerned about that window which opens to the path between our house and our neighbour's house.... "Oh, hey there!  Me?  Oh, I'm just taking a shower... Whatcha doin'?  Cutting your grass?  ... Cool..."  Awkward!

Okay, let's get out of the basement.  It needs so much work that it's making me sad.  Moving upstairs:

The East bedroom has become a craft/project room for now:

This is our "good" bathroom.  Yeah... I don't want to talk about it...  Note: The tub is only "scary" because I'm afraid of it falling on me while I'm using the toilet.  This picture doesn't show the depth well but it is actually very close to the toilet.

This is our hallway.  The runner is for Barkley.

Here's our smallest bedroom, which serves as a temporary office for me.  Eventually, I'd like to move my office to the basement.

And here's the master bedroom.  We're not big bed-makers (sorry mom) and I had a client meeting postponed so I got to spend the whole evening curled up in bed reading and writing a bunch of blog posts!  Aside from the living room, the master bedroom may be the first room we decide to finish.  I have some big ideas...

So that's it until next time.  I'm hoping that the next time we do this, things will be starting to look more finished.  :)

Feel better about those dirty dishes in your own sink now?
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