Dropping Our Drawers

This weekend is already off to a fabulous start for us and we can't wait to check back with you next week.  Before the long weekend fun gets out of hand, I thought I'd squeeze in a quickie blog post.

As THRILLED as we are to finally have a dishwasher (below) again, there is one problem.  Okay, there are many problems but ssshhhhh... Let me just focus on one at a time!  The only place it could fit was to the left of the sink... which means that we no longer have a single kitchen drawer! 

Think about it for a minute.  Think of ALL the Tupperware and tin foil and cutlery and all the other stuff that fits in your kitchen drawers.  Now, imagine not having any of that space!  Things get REAL pretty fast, don't they?

As you know, the kitchen is not in our budget until after we renovate the main bathroom.  For now, we've been storing some of out kitchen things in the family room but not having cutlery handy is getting pretty annoying.

I was visiting my mom this evening and we stopped in at a nearby thrift shop just to see if there was anything interesting.  I found a set of pretty white jars with copper lids that caught my eye, since I'm a sucker for copper.  The set was only $7.50 and, while it was initially in rough shape, it's actually not bad now that I've cleaned and polished it.

The best part is that they'll still look great when we finally renovate our kitchen because I'd love to display some of the copper cookware my parents gave me once our kitchen is finished. 

Here it is above the cupboards in the condo but I'm hoping to think of a better display idea for the new/old house:

We're already putting our jars to good use with cutlery in the largest, snacks in the second largest and instant coffee and tea bags in the smallest jars. 

I'm imagining some open shelving in our kitchen once we renovate.  How great would these look sitting on a rustic shelf made from reclaimed wood?!

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