How Was Your Weekend?

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special?  Corey and I both had some work to do both days but we managed to have some down time.  We had really hoped to spend a night camping but threats of thunderstorms kept us at home.

After two failed attempts to get to "Funderland" we decided to tackle some projects around the house instead.  It was nice to be able to do some work around the house during daylight hours for once. 

Our stretch of Eglinton was closed for a street festival, which we checked out on Saturday.  It's fun to finally want to embrace our community instead of hiding from our neighbours in the condo.

Speaking of the condo, I'm going to try for another instalment of Condo Survival this week if work doesn't keep me too busy. 

I think the arrival of our dishwasher has also ushered in a new era for us: An era of not arguing about the dishes.  :)  I know some of you have been worried that we've been arguing a little... but I promise it's nothing serious!  It's only noteworthy because we're a couple who typically goes six months without an argument.  For us, even a couple of minor arguments in the same week is quite unusual.  But I say, show me a couple who works crazy hours and doesn't fight during a diy renovation and I'll show you a couple of liars.... Just kidding... Sort of!  My point is that we're pretty sure it's completely normal and probably less frequent and severe than people would expect.  Anyway, most of the arguing was about dishes anyway so now, even if we wanted to fight, I suppose we'd have to find something else to fight about...

Wishing you all a cheerful start to the week.  It's going to be very humid in Toronto so I'll leave you with the #1 camp rule, which is burned into my brain:

Don't forget your hats, water bottles and sunscreen!

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