Friday Reading: Part 2

Yay!  Another Friday is here and I'll bet everyone is ready for the weekend.  I know I'll be looking forward to Sunday (our day off... fingers crossed) and I'm hoping to entice Corey to join me at Canada's Wonderland, rain or shine!  I know it sounds juvenile but we get a season pass every summer and enjoy the freedom to go early in the morning, ride our favourite roller coaster ten times, and then leave an hour later.  What could be better?  We've actually taken to calling it Fun-derland like the big ol' dorks that we are!

I think I'm going to continue with my Friday round-up from around the internet.  I won't do this every week but it's fun sometimes, right? 

The picture above is of my kale, which has been growing so nicely (along with some healthy weeds, which I should do something about but probably won't.) that I almost feel safe pruning some to eat!  I love making these kale chips to snack on.

I had never heard of this book, but then, I'm not a mom.  I did however love reading about one mom's practical test of the methods and her answer to the question: Do French Kids REALLY Eat Everything?

We read so much about the challenges of living with special needs like Autism but I love to read about the other side.  This article about a boy who grew up with Autism and became a sensitive, creative and amazing young man.

I was speaking with an old friend this week and we were chatting about the regrets we all have with certain friendships.  I found it really touching and simply but beautifully put when she described an old (formerly very close) friendship that fizzled after she had been given a chance to "be a better friend" but didn't take it.  Don't we all have people like that?  People who maybe deserved better from us...  Anyway, after that conversation, I found this article about 5 common deathbed regrets, as told by a palliative care nurse to be very poignant and touching.

Can you "solve" these Cool Lego pop-culture riddles

Sit back and enjoy this perfect blend of food and travel blogging.  Read about one woman's tour through Israel, one goat farm at a time.

I was quite upset by some of the social media responses read aloud in this article about what happens when a female comedian argues against rape-based comedy.  We have a long way to go.

As an animal lover, I couldn't resist posting these perfectly timed photos of common animals.

You know that melty chocolate that hardens instantly when you dip ice cream in it?  I'm not a huge fan but I know I'm the minority here and I didn't know it had a name, let alone how to make it.  Read this tutorial on how to make your very own Magic Shell (yes, that's its name) using just chocolate chips and coconut oil.  What a fun weekend treat!

And finally, this HI-larious video which explains Why women LOVE Pinterest.  Seriously, watch this if you want a good laugh!

Enjoy your weekend!
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