Friday Reading: Part 4

What are you up to this weekend?  I'm still not sure of our plans (we are often forced to plan at the last minute due to work) but I know many people who are heading into the wilderness for the serenity of camping or a cottage.  The picture (above) was taken on one of our favourite camping trips last summer.  Sorry for the iPhone quality. :S

For those who are staying in town, after the important step towards equality that was taken by our neighbours in the US, this will probably be a landmark year to join in some Pride Week festivities.

Wishing you all a fantastic long weekend!  Wish Barkley luck... he HATES the fireworks! :(

Enjoy these interesting sites from around the web:

I love this idea!  Let's hope it catches on in Toronto!

This eco-friendly Coca Cola bottle looks refreshing!  Corey argued that it's not eco-friendly because of all the clean water used to make the bottles.  I argued that, in Canada, we use clean water to flush our toilets... which brought us back to the Sink Positive debate.

This essay on how a daughter learns whether to love or hate her body by listening to her mother almost brought me to tears.  This is true for all of us to some degree.  I remember my mother pretending not to be afraid of spiders so she wouldn't pass on her fear to me... It was a good try.

The time we have left... represented by jellybeans, was a little sad, but quite interesting.

Common financial mistakes you make in your twenties.  This is a great article to read.  How many did you make?

10 old-school things that make summer SUMMER!

Watch as this teacher shows her third graders what discrimination really means.  At first, I thought this was horrible, but I was amazed by how much these children comprehended and that they were able to make the connection between different kinds of discrimination.

What would it look like to be inside a box filled with mirrors?  Random but very cool.

This product really looks like magic in a can!  <= Note from Corey: I watched this video and became obsessed!!! Taylor had to tell me to stop watching since I just kept restarting it. I NEED THIS!!!

Way to go, Wendy Davis.  If you haven't heard of her, watch this video of her speaking for 13 hours to filibuster an anti-abortion bill in Texas.

Read these books before the movies come out and the endings are spoiled.  I always hate reading a book after I see the film because, instead of using my imagination, all I can picture are the actors.

And finally, this book looks interesting: Confessions of a Sociopath.  I'm looking for some summer books because nothing makes me feel more summer-y than reading a good book outdoors!

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