Sink Positive!

Haven't you always wanted a unique toilet?  Okay, maybe you haven't given it much thought.  I hadn't either, but since we bought out little semi, I've been thinking about space saving solutions for our home.

Currently, our house has full bathrooms on the second floor and in the basement but no powder room on the main floor.  This is common in older homes and Corey and I were both prepared to work around it...

But what if we didn't have to?  We think there may already be some plumbing for a bathroom in the family room but neither of us were really loving the idea of sacrificing precious space for a powder room.  We were ready to ditch the idea when I came across this amazing retrofit which creates a sink on the back of your toilet tank.  Sink Positive uses the water from hand washing to fill the toilet tank so it is also much more efficient than a traditional sink.  Basically, it's just like a new lid for your toilet tank which hooks up to the water intake for your toilet tank (not sure if I'm using the right terminology here) and, when you flush the toilet, instead of your tank just filling, the water runs through a tap first.  Genius, right?  It made me think about how little our bathroom could be if we only needed space for a toilet... 

I told Corey about it as well as my mom.  At first, my mom was horrified, but I think that's because I kept substituting the word "bowl" for "tank" and she essentially thought I was proposing some "hippie" idea of washing our hands in the toilet!  She's on board now and I think Corey's 80% in favour.

This product only costs $150ish and it would replace a sink, make our lives easier, make our powder room footprint smaller, help us to feel good about saving water and essentially change our lives!  Okay, that's a little hyperbole, but you get the picture.  Imagine literally being able to squeeze a powder room into a closet!  We asked some friends/clients over dinner and they seemed to think the idea was interesting.

There's just one question left: Are we cool enough to pull this off? 

What do you guys think?  Is this idea awesome, crazy or some combination?  Would you install a toilet/sink in your home?

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