Friday Links: Part 17

This has been a monster of a week for me.  It was a busy work week, I was fighting a bad cold and we are still living without our upstairs bathroom.  During my evening off, Corey surprised me (sorry for the blurry photo) by telling me that our plumbing hardware had arrived!  We are plugging away (see what I did there?) at this room and I'm hoping to have some progress to share with you next week!  Omg, I just realized that it has only been one week since we lost our bathroom.  It feels like ages!  Oh, the humanity!  How will we last???

For now, I'm still resting and recovering, but here are some fun links for you guys.  Have a marvellous weekend!

Sometimes immature humour makes me chuckle!

You can tell this post was originally intended for last week, because I included some fun Academy Award gossip.

"I went to the Oscars with my best friend..."

What's your Travolta Name?

I love these creative Lego photos.

How to choose the right seat at any table.

These are a great idea!

Are you keeping your child from becoming a leader?

Totally want to try this!  Wouldn't it make a cozy blanket?

The other night, Corey started giggling so hard that he actually woke me up.  He was watching this video.

Here's a video that had me in stitches!

Do you like these cool origami doors?

Unfortunately, it may NOT be too late for this outdoor project.

I like this list of great DIY activities for kids.

Very touching!

Do you have a common birthday?

A little dose of daily dishonesty.

Very true.

Is this cool or kind of icky?

This is a sweet idea.

Have you heard the speech Ellen Page gave at the THRIVE conference?  The standing ovation she received when she announced that she was gay was so beautiful that it made me cry.  LOVE this girl!

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