National Home Show (Part 2)

I think I'm still kind of pooped from the National Home Show this past weekend and if you missed part 1, here's the link.  In the last post, I covered our favourite booths featuring kitchen & bath, as well as outdoor & exterior ideas and finishes.  Today, I'll show you our favourite bedroom ideas, as well as our overall favourites from the show.


I've been saying since we bought this new/old house that I would love a modern murphy bed for the guest room.  Last year, I discovered that murphy beds have come a long way!  I love the idea of a murphy bed that transforms to a desk in a child's room.  It's actually a great solution when you have an old house with tiny bedrooms.

The home show was filled with murphy beds, so I suspect we'll be seeing many more in the next few years.  They're great for condos, and with square footage at a premium in Toronto, they make sense for many homeowners.  I was also surprised that these beds weren't as pricey as I had feared, with some models starting around the $1500 mark.

I loved the bed/couch combo at this booth:

Corey got scolded by the owner for pulling the bed down without removing the cushions.

I also really liked the built-in lighting in this bed.

There were lots of closet organization options.

... And just tons and tons of murphy beds...

Our Favourites

And we're back to the the faux grass.  I am very allergic to actual grass, but I also feel like a yard should have real grass that actually grows.  What do you think?

Ever since we purchased the new/old house, Corey and I have been debating whether or not we'll ever actually finish the attic.  I really want to, but I think Corey's worried about the extra work required... All that changed, when Corey say these awesome pull-down ladders.  These ladders (which cost about $400) combined with the fact that I promised Corey the attic could be his man cave, may actually mean that I get my finished attic one day!

If we end up finishing the attic, I think I'd love some of these lights as an affordable alternative to skylights.

Corey LOVED these carbon infrared heaters.  He's been wanting one for the backyard since before we even had a house.

Seeing this demo is making me seriously consider having our old tub professionally reglazed with our bathroom reno surplus.

Yep... we're just going to go ahead and keep dreaming about these hot tubs!

... And these techie home security gadgets!

I also really loved some of the beautiful doors.

After all that Home Show, it was hard to believe that we hadn't even stepped into the Canada Blooms side!  I wished we had been able to spend a little more time on this side but maybe we'll try for next weekend.

They had cakes made entirely of flowers.  I don't know what I would do with one of these but they are AWESOME!

Oooh... there were also so many succulents.  Why are succulents so darn cool right now?  Why do I find them so irresistible?  Corey let me get FIVE of these little beauties for our wedding terrariums! I have some crafting/planting to do when I have some free time ;)

And that's about when I left for work with sore feet and bags of brochures.  I could have spent another couple of hours there if my feet hadn't been killing and my phone a-ringing.

I hope you guys enjoyed our list of highlights.  What were your favourites?
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