Trend Round-Up: Geode Necklaces

I am loving this trend of wearing large geode slices, amethysts and druzys as necklaces.  My grandmother collected rocks and fossils and I have many items from her collection (and some that I collected myself) to this day.  I was totally that nerdy kid who found stones and minerals on the beach and polished them in the rock tumbler that she got for Christmas.  I actually also had a kit to make jewelry out of the stones I collected and in hindsight, I think I was not so much nerdy (okay, still pretty nerdy) but also a little ahead of the times!  I told Corey the other day and his response was "What's a rock tumbler?"  Go figure!

Anyway, everywhere I look lately, I see the gorgeous and oh-so-chic statement necklaces made of geodes or similar formations and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

 You know how you get that weekly email from Pinterest entitled "Stuff You Should Buy" "Weekly Pin Picks"?  Well this week, mine had a picture of this gorgeous necklace with a link to this pin.  The gorgeous necklace is by Rifel + Radford and I found similar necklaces on their website for $145.00.

One of my favourite blogs, Bower Power also ran a sponsored post this week by jewelry designer,  Paige Sargisson.  My favourite item on her website was hands down the gold and diamond agate necklace (below) for $590.00.

Now, I'm all for a nice piece of designer jewelry, but I also feel like statement pieces don't always need to break the bank.  For this reason, I scoured Etsy and put together a round-up of necklaces in a similar style.

Sources: 1. emma gem shop $31.34, 2. Avant Garde Design $30.00 , 3. LH Jewelry Boutique $64.00, 4. Lulu Crystalline $41.00, 5. Njuu $34.00, 6. Cindy Lou Who 2 $29.00, 7. Bubu Ruby $36.00, 8. Vintage Pinch $48.99, 9. Le Honey Pot $30.00

Beautiful, right?  Still, my favourite find was this teal sliced agate necklace (below) by Lea Marie Designs and listed for $44.00.  I think I like her designs best because she offers longer chains, the 14k gold plating around the edges add a luxurious touch and this necklace looks much more expensive than it is!  I also love that this particular seller photographs each individual necklace, so you are buying exactly what you see and not something similar.

What do you think?  Will you embrace this trend with a budget-friendly option?
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