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We're not really in the market for more furniture, but thanks to my updates from The Listings List, we have found another gem.  (Thanks A LOT, Aleysa! :P)  We saw the add below and the chair looked suspiciously familiar...

Some of you may recall the Siesta Chairs we purchased for the new/old house, which were designed by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa.  Finding these chairs was such a treat and they were listed at $295, which was still a steal!

Still, when we saw the brown leather Westnofa chairs listed for just $25 each, we decided to check them out.  We can always sell the black ones again and let someone else enjoy them.  We checked right away to ensure they were authentic, since there are so many knock-offs circulating.  Immediately, Corey found the stickers.

The chairs were in very good condition (one with arms and one without that resembled our black chairs) with the exception of some wear in the leather and a little spot of white paint on the arm chair.

Here's a closer look:

Not wanting to damage the leather, I gently scratched off as much paint as I could.

Then I dabbed it very carefully with a cloth soaked in some mild soap suds, which removed any traces of white immediately, but left me with a troubling dark spot.

It scared me a little because the leather looked damaged in that area and the spot was pretty obvious.

Luckily, some TLC (aka leather conditioner) made it disappear.  We also conditioned the wood, which was pretty dry and dull...

And now we have two gorgeous brown chairs in the living room.  I had actually always wanted chairs this colour.

We may sell the black ones or we may keep them for the family room since they're seriously the most comfortable chairs ever!

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