DIY Jewelry Organizer

With the upstairs washroom in a state of total chaos, it's been challenging to get excited about getting ready in the morning.  It seems like a struggle to even find my makeup most days, and it has been making everything feel a little haphazard.  In order to restore some order, I decided to add some organization to our closet in the form of a jewelry organizer.

I wanted something that would make it easy to keep my long necklaces from getting tangled and would make it easy for me to put them away.  I liked the idea of something with arms to make it easy for me to access each necklace.

I settled on Ikea's Enudden Towel Holder and Enudden Towel Rack because they were inexpensive, white and the perfect size.

Aside from the towel holder and towel rack, here's a list of the other materials and tools I used:

  • Foam
  • Styrofoam (Cardboard would work too.)
  • Fabric
  • Sea Glass (Rocks or Beads would also work.)
  • Glue Gun
  • Craft Knife
  • Pen 
  • Scissors
* Yes, I know our craft table is gross but it's in our disaster room, which currently houses all sorts of supplies, including our clawfoot tub and we're not worrying about the walls for now.  It's actually nice to have a room where we can be as messy as we like.  The craft table served as our buffet in the condo, but now it holds supplies.  I'll probably paint it in the future, but for now, we're leaving it covered in glue and paint.

The flat top of the towel rack looked like the perfect place to add some additional storage.  I grabbed some styrofoam and traced the top portion of the towel rack before cutting it out with a craft knife.

I then cut pieces of foam into roughly uniform rectangular pieces.  This foam was actually left over from when we made our tufted headboard, but it has discoloured considerably from being stored in a sunny room.

I folded each piece of foam and adhered it to my length of styrofoam with hot glue.

I then cut a length of fabric to cover the styrofoam with the foam attached.

I pulled the fabric over the foam and used hot glue to secure it.  I used a thin paintbrush to tuck it into the creases.

I glued the fabric to the back and snipped off any loose edges.

I then glued the piece of styrofoam to the top of the towel rack.

I glued a strip of fabric along the seam for a more finished look.

The towel holder required less work.  I simply glued pieces of sea glass to the tops of the arms.  Notice that I staggered them to avoid my necklaces getting tangled.

I love seeing all my necklaces so organized and accessible.

And the ring holder works nicely too.

What do you think?  I love the arms and I'm pretty happy with this little one hour project!

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