Etsy Crush: Lea Marie Designs

Do you ever browse Etsy?  I do sometimes, and I totally did when I wrote the post about Geode Necklaces a few weeks ago.  If you recall, the easy winner was the necklace below (Yes, I am now the proud owner!) by Lea Marie Designs.  I've been wearing this necklace for about a week and I keep getting compliments and requests to know where I found it, so here goes:

Isn't it unique?  Please check out Lea Marie's shop and look for upcoming sales through her
Facebook and Twitter pages.  Lea Marie is lovely to deal with and I am thrilled with my new necklace... in "Fresh Coat of Paint" colours, no less!

Here are some of my current favourites from her shop:

1. Sliced Blue Agate Pendant, 2. Sliced Amethyst Geode Necklace, 3. Sliced Hot Pink Agate Necklace, 4. Coral Bezel Gold Necklace, 5. Purple Sliced Agate Necklace, 6. Gold Geode Necklace, 7. Sparkly Aquamarine Quartz Necklace, 8. Quartz Crystal Point Necklace, 9. Dark Purple Druzy Geode Necklace, 10. Lavendar Druzy Gold Necklace, 11. Natural Brazilian Purple Amethyst Necklace, 12. Turquoise Silver Necklace, 13. Sliced Hot Pink Agate Necklace

Not seeing what you're looking for?  Remember that the beauty of working directly with an artist is that you can always request a custom item.

Some of my favourite features of Lea Marie's creations are the gold plating around the edges of her pendants, the longer chain options she offers, the fact that she takes individual pictures of each piece of jewelry so you know exactly what you're purchasing... and the fact that she's lovely to deal with.

Who's your "Etsy Crush?"
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