It's Just Like Camping...

... Or at least, that's what I'll be telling myself over the next few weeks as I schlep to the basement to use the washroom every time nature calls.  So, this is how we're living right now... Yep... It's not so fun.

Today marks the first day without a toilet or sink in this bathroom.  Corey delayed removing them for as long as possible so the bathroom could remain somewhat functional but at this point, they needed to go so he could access the floors and plumbing underneath.  He's going to need to reinforce some of the floor joists for extra support.

It's crazy to see how houses are built, isn't it?  I think the nice thing about a major renovation is that you get a chance to correct old mistakes and put things back together properly.  We're both excited for that part.  In the picture below you can actually see the ceiling downstairs.

So now, the countdown officially begins.  Can Corey put the bathroom back together before we both go insane?  Who's taking bets?

Perhaps I'll just have to visit my friends to get out of the house.  "Um, yeah it's me again.  Can I come in?  I brought wine!  Oh... and may I use your washroom?"

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