Skipping Spring and Feelin' Summer

Guys, did you feel it?  It was almost warm in Toronto yesterday.  Almost!  I always get excited at the first signs of spring and this year, our summer wedding is adding to the excitement.  It is officially spring, which means we all survived the winter!  I'm already excited for the warm days of late spring.  Seriously, I was beginning to think I would start to feel depressed if I had to endure one more week of grey days and bad driving!

I have to ask because I always wonder if other people feel this way too: Do you ever get that almost deja vu feeling where something almost takes you back to childhood?  The warm spring air always gives me that jittery impatient excitement I always felt as a kid when summer vacation approached.  Even now, spring days make me want to go outside and ride my bike or fly a kite... although these days we settle for just taking Barkley for a long walk.  Do you ever feel this way?  What does spring remind you of?  

This morning, I plan to take "The Bark" for a long morning walk and pick up some litter along the trail near our house while I'm at it.  Who's in?  Corey and I embraced living so close to the belt line trail last year, and as a couple who rarely finds time for "real" dates, we loved our morning walks with coffee in hand last spring.

In addition to making me feel like a kid, spring always makes me want to overhaul my wardrobe.  Here are some things I'm loving.

1.  My friend Sara is one of those people who looks amazing in hats and she wears them all the time.  I am not a "hat person" but I'd be willing to give one of these a try.

2.  My favourite summer lipstick last years was an orange-red shade by MAC.  I can't wait to bust it out again this summer!  Is there anything better than red lipstick and sneakers?

3.  I love denim on denim (aka- the Canadian tuxedo) as a summer outfit and this Club Monaco dress feels like summer to me.  I'd wear it during the day but refer to it as my Canadian evening gown!

4.  I love these dainty necklaces!  I even thought of them for bridesmaid gifts, but I have another idea.

5.  I think I could live in Bensimon sneakers all spring and summer!  Last year, I wore a bright yellow pair almost every day but it may be time to trade them in for some new kicks.

6.  I love these relaxed Baggu bags.

7.  What could be more summery than a temporary tattoo that looks like a popsicle?  Perhaps this would make a good stand-in until we work up the courage to get real ones!

What are your spring/summer favourites?  Can we all just agree to skip spring and fast forward straight to summer?
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