Our Wedding Centerpieces

So, do you guys remember that amazing Terrarium Workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I wasn't joking when I said that it had left me with an unhealthy obsession with open terrariums and I couldn't wait to make more.  Add to this, the fact that we've been hoarding collecting vintage glass vessels from thrift shops and the temptation became too much.  I was like a terrarium making zombie.  Must.  Eat. Brains.  And.  Make.  Terrariums.  Okay, not quite, but I did pick up a couple of succulents on the way home from work one day so I could make a couple with vases we had at home.

I photographed them with swatches of fabric from each bridesmaid's dress to ensure that they'll work well with our wedding theme of "Emerald and Jade."

These ones also contain sea glass and rocks that we collected while on holiday, so they feel extra special.

I think they look especially nice in the milk glass vases.  The backdrop of our wedding venue is a solarium filled with cacti.  We think these will make pretty table decorations for our wedding, as well as the perfect compliment to the venue!

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