Fighting a Dry Winter

Does your house get dry in the winter?  Despite having a new humidifier installed when we bought a furnace and installed duct work last May, we have still found the past month to be particularly dry.  It's probably even worse for those of you who have electric heat.

We know that it's dry when we start to cough in the middle of the night and when Barkley starts licking his legs non-stop.  Our old humidifier was sort of big and clunky, the filter needed to be cleaned constantly, and the steam it produced just wasn't cutting it.

After reading some great blog posts (like this one and this one) about modern humidifiers, I decided I would prefer an ultrasonic cool mist version with a smaller footprint.  If we're going to have a humidifier out all the time, I want it to be aesthetically pleasing.

We opted for the small version of the Middle Colors Humidifier in white.  I photographed it (above) on my night stand with a glass of wine for scale... and drinking.  It looks just like a minimalist vase and it's practically silent.

After a very full week (filled with some late nights) Corey and I were happy to relax today with some good books and (as we've established) wine.  We're noticing that we're already sleeping better with the cool mist and sometimes we add some lavender essential oil to the bottom for some relaxing aromatherapy.

Even Barkley seems to be less itchy!  Do you use a humidifier?  When we have children, we may consider a larger model by Crane in either their colourful teardrop version:

Or one of their adorable animals!

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