Some Bland Wedding Progress

Sorry about the title of this post.  I know it doesn't exactly make you want to drop everything and read about my boring old wedding, but sometimes planning a wedding is pretty darn boring and sometimes nothing happens for months and months.  Despite what the movies lead you to believe, being engaged does not mean your life is filled with endless cake tastings and parties, practically nobody asks to see your ring after the first month and you're not constantly the centre of attention with people fussing about you all the time because often, there are bigger and even more important things happening to your friends!  Note- since Christmas, one of my bridesmaids has become engaged and another has given birth to a baby girl!  I'm sorry to burst the bubble. but it had to be done. ;)

In this post, I'll be sharing our minimal progress and asking you guys for your advice, if you have any.  This is rare, as Corey or my family will happily tell you- I tend to have... well, "strong opinions" sounds more flattering than "stubborn" and it's rare that I ask for input. ;) We missed some big wedding shows this weekend, but you know we're more interested in DIY and simplicity anyway.  I doubt whether many of the vendors at the shows would fall within our modest wedding budget.

It's been a few weeks since I've posted any progress on our wedding plans and I wanted to keep you in the loop... not that there's much of a "loop" at the moment.  I'll begin by explaining the photo above: I discovered that post-holiday sales could be a good time to collect some decorations and found some gaudy glittery flowers in my colour scheme.  I have no idea what to do with them yet, so for now, they're packed away.  I am open to suggestions though. :)

During the late summer and fall, Corey and I worked out our vision for our casual wedding, budgeted, chose and booked vendors and paid deposits.  You can imagine how painful that last step was for me. ;)  After so much planning, I was pretty tired of our wedding and when our caterer asked when we'd like to schedule our tasting, I replied "Let's do ourselves a favour and agree not to speak again until 2014."

Well I'm finally feeling excited and ready to face the planning again and I'm happy to say that Corey and I even worked on our recycled glasses the other day and we have now successfully cut 96 bottles!  It was daunting when we started and said we'd be collecting nearly 200 bottles (to account for breakage) but we're lucky to have boozy good friends (who happen to enjoy wine) and we have now collected almost enough for our project.  A big thank you for all of our wine-drinking, bottle-saving friends!  One of our favourite things to do while glass cutting is to try to guess who the bottle came from based on the type of wine.  We have a pretty good idea who the Black Tower came from. ;)

We decided months ago to forgo a videographer and instead have a photographer we were really excited about.  We still feel really strongly about this, since we want our photographer to have access to the best shots and we don't see ourselves ever sitting down to watch a wedding video.  We thought we'd ask a few tech savvy friends to try to catch some highlights (ceremony, speeches, hora, first dance etc.) on their phones and we figured we'd have fun editing any clips we get in the weeks following the wedding.  There are also companies like Wedit that provide mini cameras for guests to use and even offer their own editing services but I almost think we prefer to take the DIY route.  What do you think?  Should we look into Wedit or do you think our guests with phone cameras will be happy to oblige and share any videos they take?

The picture (below) is of me and my Nana and Bubba (my mother's parents) who have both passed away.  My mom found this photo in November and I almost cried because we are actually standing in front of the heritage house which will be our wedding reception venue this summer.  I would love to incorporate this lovely photo into our day somehow.  Do you guys have any ideas of a creative and non-cheesy way to include it?

While the reception is indoors, our ceremony is going to be outdoors... RAIN OR SHINE!  We'll need to stock up on umbrellas and warn our guests just in case. ;)  We were thinking of making some pretty garlands out of fabric scraps as a pretty backdrop.  Our inspiration comes from the Etsy listing.

I was thinking of adding some hanging lace embroidery hoops like these.  I'm still deciding because they might be too much.  Sometimes simple is best, right?

Are wedding programs even necessary or are they just extra work and a waste of paper?  Do I need to have one?  If so, I would want something fun like the idea below but I'm open to suggestions... 

I had been debating about making some ribbon batons for guests to wave as we exit the aisle.  I was thinking of different shades of green to match our colour scheme like these.

I even thought about which colours of ribbon I'd use.  I envision 57, 58 and 59 below....  But we're also going to have sparklers at our reception for guests to light and wave at us as we make our exit.  What do you think?  Will these details make for amazing pictures or is it just more work?

And I can't talk about my own wedding without sharing this adorable anniversary photoshoot inspired by the movie "Up". The couple (below) was stood-up by the photographer at their wedding, but one of their grandchildren is married to a stylist and gave them a wonderful gift.  It makes me want to keep a jar around our own house that says "Let's Be Adventurers" for all our loose change.

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