Art for Our Bedroom (My Side)

While Corey works on the upstairs bathroom, I thought I might put together some ideas for our master bedroom.  I know not everyone will like the idea of patterned walls in a place of sleep (too stimulating), Corey and I actually like them and think they'll add a bit of fun to our tiny space.  I like the idea of keeping this space fresh and hip. 

I plan to use this post by Ducklings in a Row (photo below) as inspiration.

Our own bedroom (below- Please ignore where I still need to patch around the new light fixture and switch.) has gold light fixtures and a jewel toned (ours is purple) headboard and I think the spots will look great.

I want our bedroom to reflect our individual tastes, and I've never been a huge fan of matchy-matchy (Disclaimer: I actually really like it in other homes but it drives me crazy in my own space.) so I told Corey we should each choose our own art to hang on our side of the bed. 

Think about it: If two children shared a room, they would often each have their own place on the wall to hang their own favourite things... So why should two adults with different taste not do the same thing?  And yes, I am aware that I just compared us to children. ;)  We'll try to keep it consistent in terms of the number and scale of prints, but aside from that, we can each choose anything we like!

To be honest, I think it's kind of fun for both of us to be able to choose art without consulting or compromising with the other!

I've been thinking about my own side.  It will be nice to finish the electrical and drywalling in the bedroom so that I can paint.  Right now, I have a giant calendar on the wall next to my bed and it's filled with appointments and meetings.  It's convenient to keep it in the bedroom, but I know it should be in my office.  Painting will be a great excuse to move it.

I wanted to see how my art would look against such busy walls.  I was worried it may not be strong enough, so I free-handed some spots in photoshop:.

And then collected prints from my wishlist to photoshop against the background.

The first print, by Clare Elsaesser feels moody and yet peaceful to me.  I love the colours.

Tara Andris paints clouds that actually seem to shimmer, since she uses metallic foil in the background.  Wouldn't this be like having a window next to your bed?

We already own one of Louis Helbig's award winning aerial volleyeball photos, but I also love his works that are more rooted in nature.

How do you think they'll look?  What would your artwork choices look like?

Would you and your partner ever give each other carte blanche to decorate a different side of the same room?  I'm curious about the art Corey will choose.  Do you think we're brave or just plain crazy?  ;)
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