9 Cool Wedding Bands for Men

Sources: 1. Catbird - $790, 2. Stag Head Designs - $230, 3. Bario Neal - $772, 4. Adam Foster Jewelry - 360, 5. Juliette and Oliver - $610, 6. LaMore Design - $538, 7. Holz Ring Shop - $250, 8. Point No Point Studio - $735, 9. Raven's Refuge - $772

One of the most surprising aspects of wedding planning for me has been Corey's level of involvement.  (I jokingly call him Groomzilla, but I secretly like that he cares so much!)  Not only is he opinionated (usually in a good way) but I've been touched to learn that he actually has a vision for our wedding and has spent time thinking about many of the details, like what we might wear or how our photos would look.

Initially, I was shocked to find that my boyfriend (who builds things, watches sports and is rarely clean-shaven) actually cared about our first dance, colour scheme and catering menu but I have spoken with many other women who had the exact same experience.  While I was a little annoyed at first when I learned that I would have to share all the decisions, now I think it's really sweet that Corey's so excited and involved.

We've recently been thinking about the type of ring that he may want.  Because he works in the electrical field, Corey can't wear his ring at work and we were initially looking at beautiful (and more fragile) rings which incorporated wood inlays.  We also considered some really cool (and affordable) tungsten and titanium rings, which come in many different styles and look ultra modern.  I think we have finally decided to stick with precious metals though, since Corey would like to option to re-size the ring if his fingers get thicker.

Since I have such a unique engagement ring, Corey decided he'd like to follow suit and get a twist on a classic style.  We're not expecting our rings to match (since we're so different) but we are thinking about matching the gold (either white or rose) in his ring to the gold I choose for mine.

While browsing, I was struck by all the beautiful and masculine choices available for men's rings.  Some of my favourites are above and this simple black gold ring (below) gets an honourable mention.

What do you think about non-traditional men's rings?  Would you choose something a little different or do you prefer a simple band?
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