Last Trip to Aberfoyle

I recently took my last trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market until next year.  While it is open Sundays until the end of October, I am increasingly busy with work this time of year so my mom and I made a quick trip one morning so that she could join in the fun.

I left empty handed, but feeling relaxed after a morning with my mom and with lots of pictures to share with you.

The teacups (above) were especially tempting for my mom, since she has collected them in the past.  She is now collecting a few smaller cups and saucers for the tea parties she anticipates having with her future grandchildren.  Say it with me: Awww!

One thing I enjoy about Aberfoyle, is that no matter how often I go, there is always something new to see.  Of course, there are still a few items, which I have trouble resisting and consider each time.

A perfect example are these colourful lead glass windows marked at $45.

Or the retro sets of barstools, which always seem to be begging for some TLC.

And I seriously considered bringing home one of these pretty grates to cover one of our new air returns.  The prices ranged upwards of $30 but at an upscale architectural salvage store in Toronto, they could sell for several times that price.

I always find the little patio dining sets with the ice cream parlour chairs so charming.  I would paint this set a fun colour!

I'm not sure if this would be practical... perhaps if I wrote or received more letters.  Still cool.

Vintage patterned rugs stop me in my tracks every time!

And I also like vintage shoe forms.

This rustic table and chairs would look fun in a modern or industrial space.

As usual, there was a huge assortment of glassware.

... As well as art!

I loved this painting and it was only $20.  I considered bringing it home but it had been sitting on the wet ground and I feared it might be damaged.

I was also kinda weirdly enthralled with this violent historically insensitive whimsical painting.  I think it was priced much higher than I was willing to pay though.

I enjoyed seeing that some of the retro items had already been painted happy colours.

 ... And there were loads of mid-century treasures to be found!

This clawfoot tub has seen better days, but if it were restored, it would be lovely.

I took a picture of this propeller and pulley for Corey.

I'm not sure what you'd use these carts for... except storing your plastic torsos, obviously.  Perhaps in a laundry room?

I'm always looking for fun kitchen storage solutions to tide us over until we can afford to renovate it.  Unfortunately, this little stainless steel cart was about $300.

I loved this little cast iron setter doorstop.  It was $85, but that was actually far less than others I've seen.

These antique clocks were charming and all in working condition.  I believe prices started around the $200 mark.

You know what we don't have enough of in our new/old house?  Erotic art and giant beer bottles!  Just kidding.

And I'll end with the strange but sort of fun Tin Man bust which was salvaged from an amusement park.  I suppose one man's weird junk is another man's $300 treasure...

I hope you enjoyed the window shopping as much as I did!

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