My "This is NOT a Collection" Collection

Corey's been teasing me like crazy, because I've always disliked collections and often compare them with addictions and now it appears that I may be a bit of a hypocrite.  The problem is, I've just never really understood why adults collect things and I have never really found anything that I wanted to collect. 

That is, until I purchased a vintage West German pottery vase in the summer and I thought about how nice it would look in a grouping.

A quick Google image search revealed the diversity and beauty of this type of pottery.  Here are a few of my favourite "groupings" from around the web... many of which are also displayed on a mid-century sideboard:

I love this restrained grouping on Ouch Flower

The muted greys and whites on Second Hand Hannah are refined and beautiful!

While, I prefer more limited palettes, this collection on The Boo and the Boy is impressive.

I love the way this collection featured on Potted Store shows how well a bright colour can stand out amid a sea of neutrals.

The rainbow arrangement on The Red Thread Blog makes the assortment of colours seem less chaotic and more intentional.  Gorgeous!

I just love this group of pieces on Little Denim, which are different, and yet somehow work together.

On Life and Lava features a huge assortment displayed in a pretty hutch.

I thought these pastels on Amsterdam Modern were pretty.

The Style Files features a very diverse collection with some unusual designs.

For my own ... okay, we can call it a collection, I'm choosing blue and turquoise hues for now.  I think it will add a great splash of colour to the dining room.  I recently added to my collection as a treat for my 31st birthday.

To score awesome pieces of your own, here are my sources:

1 & 2 were purchased at The Christie Antique Show.

3 was purchased at The Junction Flea.

4 & 5 were purchased at Love My Vintage Bazaar, an Etsy shop which offers a great selection of vintage items and West German Pottery. 

6 was scored at Eclectivist, which is probably my favourite online destination for West German Pottery.  Not only are prices reasonable, the shop owner seems to have good knowledge of value and origins.

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