Hiding Our Closet

I am really excited to finally be posting about our master bedroom closet.  This project has been in the planning stages for a while. 

When we moved in, we noticed that the closet space in our 87 year old house was decidedly unsatisfactory.  I've included the photos below (which also show some random knick knacks left by the previous owners) so that you could see our tiny master bedroom closet.  In this post, we added shelving and basically converted an entire wall into closet.  Then, we got lucky at the Ikea Midnight Madness Sale and scored some Pax sliding doors.

Unfortunately, the doors lived in our third bedroom for months, taking up most of the floor.  We decided that this was the last project to tackle before starting our bathroom reno and the main objective was to clear space.  We are essentially finished now and will save finishing touches for later this year.  Corey also decided to add some great closet lighting connected to a separate switch.  It was an awesome project and I'll cover it in a separate post.

To begin, here's what our closet looked like when we moved in.

Then, we built some shelving along the entire wall.

... And made a much larger closet.  All we needed were some sliding doors!

The Ikea doors we purchased on sale were made to mount onto the top of a wardrobe.  Since we planned to create a frame and mount the track on the front of it, we had to modify the track slightly.

We kept our clothes clean from construction dust by taping plastic to the ceiling. 

Corey built a frame for the doors along the ceiling, both walls and the floor.  It had to be reinforced to support the heavy doors.

Finally, it was time to assemble the doors.  The door with the branch design was supposed to be mounted farther out from the wall so that it could slide over the other door and always be visible.  We decided to mount it on the inside to allow ourselves an extra inch or so to open our bedroom door.

As you can see, a fully assembled door takes up most of the floor space in a room.

... But we still managed to walk it across the hall to the bedroom.

Corey mounted the doors on the tracks he had attached to his DIY frame.

And now we have awesome doors, which glide smoothly and conceal our closet mess!

We still need to patch the holes that Corey made in order to run lighting into the closet and I'd like to use drywall to create a bulkhead so that the track is hidden.... but I think those jobs will wait until after we finish the bathroom!

For now, we love our closet.  Even the branch silhouette is surprisingly realistic and it's been growing on me... so to speak!

The job felt really good to finish since we'd been procrastinating it for so long.  Have you tackled any big projects lately?

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