Closet Lighting

Last week, I posted about Corey installing our closet doors.  Today, I'm sharing the second part of the project, which was installing lighting in out closet.

Remember, Corey and I still need to drywall over the frame... and now, we'll also have some holes to patch from the electrical work, but we're always a work in progress.

Here's the back of the closet frame, this is where Corey attached the fluorescent lighting.

I tried to get some decent pictures...

We seriously needed extra light in the room, and it would have been impossible to see our clothes without this update.  Here's our closet pre-doors.

... And here it is now!  The closet lighting actually works well as ambient light for our bedroom!
LET THERE BE LIGHT!  We're not getting too excited though.  There's still plenty of work to do, including this patching from running the wires.

In case you're wondering, that coiled wire is for Corey to run to the overhead light.  We thought we'd update everything at once.

Patching aside, we also now have a double switch!  When combined with the bedside lights that Corey installed in the summer, we'll finally have a bright bedroom with switches for the overhead light and closet beside the door, and separate switches and lights over each nightstand.  Woo hoo!

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