Green Wedding Dress Inspiration

How beautiful is the dress in the photo above?   Here's some more emerald green inspiration.  I have not yet chosen a wedding dress, but I would seriously consider choosing a colour besides white or ivory.  As many of you know already, our wedding colour theme is "Emerald and Jade" so I've been casually browsing stunning gowns that may go with my bridesmaids' green dresses.

Do you feel like coming window shopping with me?

Isn't this sexy green sequin gown a show-stopper?

What about this more traditional (but still stunning) mint green number?

I believe this glittery silver gown gives off a green hue.

And this emerald lace gown looks like a work of art.

Do you like this two-toned gown?  Kind of spectacular, right?

From the same website, this simple pale green gown would probably be a more traditional choice.

Okay, so this one isn't green, but it's by Jenny Packham and I consider her to be the queen of wedding dresses.  Perhaps it could be embellished with some emerald crystals and beads...

If I decide to do a wardrobe change (Which would be less for fashion reasons and more so I don't spill food and alcohol all over a pricey wedding gown.) I might consider something fun and sexy like this short sequin dress.  It would be fun to dance the night away in this...

If you can't get enough colourful wedding dresses, check out this post on one of my favourite blogs, A Cup of Jo.  She has links and sources all the dresses featured at the end of her post, but here are my two favourites.  Surprise, surprise - the pink on is by Jenny Packham! ;)

Would you consider a non-white wedding gown?  I'd love to know!  Do you think any of these dresses will go with my wedding shoes?
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