Another Wedding Post: Vintage Centrepieces

You have all been so supportive and excited about our wedding posts, that I thought I would squeeze one in this week.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and ideas!

As I have mentioned, planning a wedding makes me feel a little like we're doing this:

I find myself feeling exhausted and unsentimental when I think of budgeting for venue, food, alcohol and all the other things that cost money. 

We've done a good job of sticking to our budget so far, but friends keep reminding me that we will still need to decorate and have centrepieces.  It's becoming obvious that the little things really add up! 

I had said from the beginning that we would not hire a florist so we know we will be making the centrepieces ourselves.  As you probably know, I love all things vintage and eclectic, so we've been collecting vases and planters at local thrift stores.  We think this is a great way to keep costs down and ensure that we have unique table decorations.

We chose a mix of green glass, white milk glass and clear glass or crystal.  We think these will work well with our "Emerald and Jade" theme.

We plan to have an eclectic grouping at each table.  Here are some of our inspiration photos.

I love the look of random groupings like this one:

We plan to fill our vases with candles, succulents, greenery and some wholesale flowers in white and pale green.

It took some elbow grease to remove the price tags and a sanitize cycle in our new dishwasher, but it looks like we are one step closer!

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