Choosing a Wedding Ring

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Corey and I both worked on Saturday and took some time to relax on Sunday.  Corey continues to make progress on the bathroom and we are close to choosing tiles... Which I will write about over the next week or so.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to theme this week with posts about our wedding, relationships and Valentine's Day... So get ready for some gushy, sappy posts!  Just kidding... sort of.  

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about some great non-traditional wedding rings for men.   Corey still hasn't 100% chosen his ring but he's getting close.

As you know, our wedding theme is "Emerald and Jade" (I may throw in some hints of blush pink) and we're using beautiful weddings like this glamorous English wedding as inspiration.

The hints of blush would be inspired by my morganite engagement ring.  Initially, I thought I'd match my wedding ring to my engagement ring but maybe set the diamonds in rose gold to pick up the peachy pink in the morganite.  Since then, I've thought that I may want something a little different and maybe non-matching.  I still haven't made a decision and want to give it a little more thought, so let's consider this post a blog-version of a Pinterest board.   Here's my round-up of some unusual and ultra dainty wedding bands.

But first, here's my engagement ring... which stands alone nicely and I think I've given up trying to find something to match.

I love the idea of an emerald wedding band.  Not only are emeralds my favourite gemstone, but the colour would be a constant reminder of our wedding.  :)  Initially, I was a little worried about the green clashing with the morganite, but I've since decided that I should just get the ring I love the most and if they don't match, I'll just wear them on different fingers.  Who says I have to play by the "rules". right?

These emerald rings were my first inspiration.

And I also love the style of this ring with channel set baguettes.  Mmmm... my pre-wedding diet does not include actual baguettes and my mouth is watering.

Here's what it would like with actual baguettes:

Delicious!  Bad joke?  Okay, moving on...

I love the idea of emerald baguettes, but in recent weeks, I've also been loving dart-shaped rings and stones cut into geometric shapes.  Some of you may recall, that I had initially considered a geometric asymmetrical engagement ring, so it may be fin to do this for my wedding band.

How sweet are these pretty dart rings?

I also love the look of this simple gold dart ring.

As well as this pretty geometric ring.  Who says a wedding ring needs to be a plain band?

This unusual ring would satisfy my craving for a hint of green.

And so would this simple emerald baguette ring.

There is something timeless about a simple gold band.  This square band is a modern take on a classic.

I can't decide whether or not I love these thin baguette rings, but they're certainly unusual!

This cluster ring is unusual and fabulous and would look so pretty as long as it didn't have to compete with an engagement ring on the same finger.

And finally, I adore this dainty dart ring with an off-centre diamond.

Which is your favourite?
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