We Were Nominated for a Homie!

As you may already know, Fresh Coat of Paint began as a real estate blog, but for the past year, it has evolved into a great hobby and a fun way to keep track of our lives and reno progress and to keep our family and friends in-the-loop.  I think the turning point was when I realized that the only people who want to read about the real estate market day after day are other real estate agents (duh!) and so I decided to just write about my other interests.  As the months passed, I think I became less formal in my writing and now I approach each post as if I were emailing one of my bff's, which makes writing faster and much more relaxing!

While, in the grand scheme of blogging, Fresh Coat of Paint is still a very small blog, my readership has grown over the past year and now I'm averaging over 1,000 pageviews a day... Which is a far cry from when i began and I averaged about 10... which were probably all me and my family!

I have grown to love blogging, although I still sometimes feel surprised (and honoured) that anyone would actually want to read about our average little lives in the new/old house!  I still get excited when someone comments on a post or likes it on Facebook and I honestly get a little shy when someone I know tells me they read my blog all the time!  I think the most surreal moment (until now) for me was when I received a really sweet email from a reader telling me how much she enjoyed reading Fresh Coat of Paint and asking me how Barkley liked the new/old house!  I couldn't get over how awesome it was that someone out there would care enough to ask how Barkley was adjusting!  Awesome, right??

Then, yesterday, I noticed a spike in activity coming from one of my favourite blogs, Apartment Therapy.  It turns out, that one of you was kind enough to nominate me for a "Homie Award" in the "Home Design and Inspiration" category!  Obviously, I don't expect to win against many bigger (and better) blogs but I was thrilled to be included in the list and I had a bit of a Sally Field moment as I called Corey to tell him!

To all my readers, please check out the contest and consider adding a vote/nomination for me here.

And in the interest of sharing the love, please check out some of the other amazing blogs on the list.  Here are a few that I've been browsing today.  The first three are old favourites, but I discovered the rest through The Homies this year.  What are your favourite blogs?

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