The Parkdale Flea

I know this is not the popular opinion, but I always find Toronto's neighbourhood flea markets to be a little lackluster.  It's not that the vendors aren't good... because some of them are amazing.  (It's a little like shopping Etsy in person.)  It's more because there are so few of them and the markets just feel small to me.  Last year, I checked out the Parkdale Flea and the Junction Flea.  Last weekend, I was in Parkdale with a friend and we happened upon this year's Parkdale Flea.  Here's what we found:

I loved the jewelry being sold (at very reasonable prices) by The Shop I Am.  The website isn't active yet but I'll watch for more unusual and delicate jewelry by this artist at other Toronto markets.

I loved some of the vibrant art that was hung throughout the main space.  I couldn't decide whether it was too crazy for our house though.

Maybe a little?  I wish I had noticed the artist's name.

I'm always a sucker for rough edged furniture and One One Eleven Designs was showcasing some lovely pieces.

There were soaps and body butter (which smelled good enough to eat) by The Parkdale Butter Co.

... And some whimsical illustrations by Emily May Rose.

Not my favourite flea market, but still a fun day out.  It's kind of a nice change of pace that the emphasis is more on local art than vintage wares .

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