My Wedding Sneakers

I've been saying for ages that I wanted to wear sneakers to my wedding.  While some friends assumed I was joking and were horrified when I insisted that I was serious, others were on board and even sent me photos to prove that wedding sneakers were "a thing" in fact, and that I should wear them with pride.

Personally, I love the way heels look but I couldn't even walk in them before I was pregnant, and I am not cool enough to pull off a J-Law style trip and have everyone think it's adorable.

In the summer, I practically live in bensimon sneakers so it only seemed appropriate that a pair in white would be my first choice.  I ordered a pair in white and, once our little bun in the oven became public knowledge, even my toughest critics came on board.  After all, it's the prerogative of every pregnant woman to wear sneakers to her wedding!  You can quote me on that. :P

Of course, everyone insisted that I decorate them (although I would have been happy to leave them plain) and so I bought some fabric glue and glitter to adorn my casual (and now very literal) wedding flats.

My mom still wants me to add some lace or crystals but I think my simple "I DO" flats are all I need.

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