Reglaze Craze (Before and After)

As our bathroom progress continues, next on our list was having the tub reglazed.  Due to the chemicals and precision required, this falls into the category of things we do not do ourselves and so we called The Tub Guys for help.  Their customer service was amazing and they did an awesome job with follow-up visits included.

Check out the damage to our Craigslist 1926 tub before the reglazing:

When I painted the exterior of the tub, I totally "Dextered" the room.  I wondered if they would do the same.

They did an even better job... which was good because those fumes were brutal!  The bathroom was off limits for 48 hours, which was a challenge...

But here's what we found when we went in to take a look.. Pay no attention to the half-tiled wall behind the curtain.

What a difference, right?  It looks like our tub is brand new!

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