Invitation Crunch Time

I've been blogging about these wedding invitations since before we knew about Singleton and then one day,  (thanks to some reminders from friends) Corey and I realized that if we actually wanted people to show up to our wedding, we should probably actually send out some sort of invitation.

At the time, my hormonal self joked about e-vites but I knew Corey and I wanted something a little more special for our big day.  Unfortunately, we still hadn't chosen a design.  We looked at some of our favourites (above) which I had already highlighted on the blog.

... And we found some others that we liked as well.  Sources: 123456789

Then we remembered that we're DIYers and would rather save money by making our own invitations!

And so I used our colours and some of our favourite ideas and I made our invitations on Photoshop.

We had them printed on cardstock and paid a little extra to have them cut for us.  We found them to be a little flimsy, so we bought colourful cardstock in the scrapbooking section of Michaels and had it cut just slightly larger than our invitations.

For embellishment, we also bought some glitter, glue and a butterfly paper punch.

We devoted one evening to glittering and gluing...

And we were done before we knew it!

We had chosen recycled paper envelopes because the contrast between the rustic envelopes and the glittery invitations sets a nice tone for our wedding!

One more thing crossed off our list!  Yippee!

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