DIY Tiered Dessert Stands

I've been wanting to tackle this next craft for a while now.  Instead of a cake for our wedding, we're opting for cupcakes from this shop.  I thought it would tie in with the vintage centerpieces at our wedding, if I made tiered stands from mismatched thrift store plates.

I found a tutorial on Apartment Therapy and purchased the stand hardware inexpensively on Ebay.  Choosing the plates was fun and I looked for a dinner plate, lunch plate and dessert plate or tea saucer for each set.

Next came the challenging part.  I used Corey's work bench and clamp and we got a diamond tile bit for his drill in the same width as the screws in the hardware.  I made sure to have safety glasses and a spray bottle of water handy to ensure that the drill bit didn't overheat.

I began each plate by laying it on the bench face down and taping and measuring the centre.  I began drilling each hole on a 45 degree angle (see video below) and slowly moved the drill upright until I had a solid indentation and could remove the tape.  I applied even pressure until I had drilled all the way through, pausing occasionally to spray the drill bit and hole.  Once finished, we washed the plates and assembled them.

They turned out nicely.

We can't wait to fill them with raspberry and lemon cupcakes!  Wouldn't they also be perfect for high tea?  Mmmmm scones....

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