Friday Reading: Part 13 (...And Some Inspiration for the Bathroom Reno)

For those of you who are following our bathroom reno, this photo (above) from Apartment Therapy illustrates my latest idea.  I love white bathrooms but I also like rooms that are bold and unusual.  I never would have considered the black ceiling before, but our newly discovered window opens the space enough that it may be an option.  I also love those hexagonal tiles on the floor!  What do you think of a black ceiling?  I think it could be moody and romantic.

How many of these famous movie quotes can you place?  I can think of some that should could have been included, but this is a pretty good list!

This story has been making the rounds... and it warmed my heart!

Check out this innovative artist.

Dinovember will be a tradition in our home... What do you think, Corey?
I read about this before Taylor posted it and I am 100% on board!!! Coming from somebody who loved dinosaurs as a kid, I think this idea is both really fun (for parents and kids) and a great way to provide some mental stimulation (particularly for the imagination) for our children! - Corey

I hope more and more fathers are enlightened enough to adopt this healthy attitude towards their daughter's sex lives.  Gone are the days of threatening their daughter's suitors with a shotgun!  This attitude is much more supportive.

This is a worthy opinion.

Watch this powerful video.

What a cool App for Torontonians!

Check out this interesting video about an infamous McDonalds lawsuit.  I remember this story in the news, but I had never thought of the other side:

This awesome little girl cracks me up!

What do you have planned for the weekend?  We have plenty of work to do, but we're hoping for some free time to continue our bathroom renovation!
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