This New / Old House is Full of Surprises!

As you know, our bathroom renovation is underway.  We have been lamenting the fact that we don't have a window, since the room is small and feels a little claustrophobic.  To remedy this, we've debated various options:
  • Initially, we considered applying for a permit to create a window and hiring a contractor to perform the work.  This would be very expensive.
  • We thought of extending the space into either the second bedroom (on the left) or the third bedroom (on the right) in order to have a more open space.  Unfortunately, neither of us were willing to sacrifice the bedroom space for a larger bathroom.
  • Finally, I thought of replacing the wood door with a (heavily) frosted glass door.  This would solve some of our lighting problems, but we weren't sure if it would feel... uncomfortable.  Privacy is pretty important in a bathroom, after all.
We were still undecided when we began the renovation and were annoyed to see that the wall appeared to be framed for a non-existent window.  Grrrrr!

We quickly realized we had bigger fish to fry when we saw all the mouldy insulation, so Corey decided it would be replaced (along with the vapour barrier) asap.

Here's a bag of insulation in the third bedroom disaster room.

I was working in my office while Corey worked on the insulation, when he called out to me, "Can you come in here... I think you'd better bring the camera."  It is a testament to the trials of renovating, that my fist thought was, Oh no!  What went wrong?

Barkley and I immediately went to see what had happened.

Imagine my shock when I was greeted by an old window!

Of course, it will need to be replaced, but it certainly solves our problem! 

I know you're wondering how we missed this.  I mean, it's obviously visible from outside.  To be honest, we both feel a little silly.  Here's a view of the side of our house.

While not overly obvious, there is certainly a second window there.  I suppose the short answer is that we lost count.  We have three bedrooms and a bathroom that fall along that wall.  I think we sort of assumed that the window belonged to our third bedroom... Not thinking that the window in the third bedroom actually overlooks the back yard.

Oh well.  We'll chalk this up to a happy surprise.  The Dowager Countess says it best:

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