Let's Talk Dessert!

I remember one of my teachers once teaching me the difference in spelling between "dessert" and "desert" by reminding me that dessert had an extra "s"... which stood for an extra scoop of ice cream!  I don't know why that random memory popped into my head. but I thought I'd share.  I suppose it could also stand for an extra slice of cake or pie... Mmmm.

Over the weekend, Corey and I were enjoying a date and exploring our neighbourhood, when we came across Bite Me Bakery.  The proprietor was friendly, casual... and swore like a sailor.  Seriously, Corey commented that she swore a lot, but then we got home and looked up her website and I think it's part of her business model.  I liked her at once.  She also happens to make delicious cupcakes! (Top: Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Bottom: Chocolate Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon)

Also, they taste even better than they look!  Seriously.  Corey has already asked me to get more this weekend.

She also has some boozy (Think tequila or champagne icing.) and some savoury (Think blue cheese and chicken wings.) flavours.  We're thinking of choosing a couple to add to the candy buffet that we're planning for our wedding.  We think they'd make a sweet addition.  Remember this inspiration photo?

Probably unsurprisingly, we have already begun to collect candy dishes and apothecary jars.  We mostly find them in thrift stores.  Here are a few that still need to be washed and aren't packed away yet:

What do you think? Would some designer mini-cupcakes compliment a candy bar nicely?  
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