The Good, the Bad and the UGLY: A Room By Room Update

I just realized that I haven't posted pictures of the house as a whole since our two month house tour  Our six month update outlined some of our larger projects, but it didn't give much of a sense of the rooms that haven't seen the same kind of love.  If you're a regular reader, you may have seen some of these pictures, but I think this is a good time to examine our progress.  Here it is... The good, the bad and the VERY ugly.   Let's start with the good.

Here's the living room on the day we moved in.  Notice the laminate flooring, lack of shelves, window AC unit, hideous fireplace and boob light?

I am thrilled to say that we remedied all of those issues and painted the room a deep blue colour.

We added lots of accessories and a gallery wall, as well as a tall mirror to give the illusion of a larger room.

We also used curtains to make our window appear more substantial.

And now for the dining room.  When we purchased our new/old house we were thrilled to find that it was large enough to accommodate our large table.  As in most of our rooms, you'll notice we changed our floor right away.  

I'm afraid to say that our dining room looks even worse at the moment.  We've been using our sideboard to collect vintage apothecary jars for our wedding next summer.  We've also opened a wall, where we will eventually install a door to the basement.  This will allow us to close the opening from the kitchen to give us more room for counter space.

I can't wait to replace that light fixture with the funky vintage chandelier from our condo!  As for the paint swatches on the walls, we decided against any of these shades months ago but we keep forgetting to take them down.

At least, these pictures inspired us to replace the paint swatches with some colours that we're more seriously considering.

Here is the kitchen on the day we moved.  It's actually not as tiny as it looks, but there just isn't much cupboard or counter space at the moment.

We didn't clean for the pictures...   It was a last minute post idea and we had just made dinner.  I figured you guys wouldn't mind seeing the place au naturel.

Notice that we have added a dishwasher and we have been replacing the old appliances one at a time.

We've also added a kitchen cart and cabinet for some additional storage.

Ahh, the family room.  Regular readers will notice the shower that's barely visible in the bottom right corner... which is where we've been showering until we complete our bathroom renovation.

This room is an addition behind the kitchen, so it did not have the lovely hardwood floors for us to refinish.  

We really haven't done anything to this room yet.  I haven't even made drapes, because I\m waiting to see how it turns out first.  I would love to paint over that awful salmon colour, but it's not worth it until we're ready to do more to this room.  Don't judge us... we know this room is pretty bad!

While it's definitely not pretty, at least it's functional for now.

The entrance was dark and claustrophobic when we first moved in.

Since then, we have added plenty of storage and personal accessories.

We have also added a stair runner and handrail.  

Yeesh... The upstairs bathroom was in a sad state the day we moved in.  I often describe the shower as "European style" because it sounds better than... "Well, there's a drain in the floor, which is probably connected to something."

Luckily, this large renovation has begun!

This third bedroom (which will be a nursery eventually) was probably prettier on the day we moved in.

At the moment, it's sort of a dumping site for all our renovation and craft supplies, extra furniture and even our tub.  I am afraid of this room.

Our second bedroom is pretty small.  Luckily, that awful green carpet is gone now.

For now, it serves as mu office as well as a guestroom.  Eventually, we plan to move my office to the basement and we'll worry more about decorating this room then.

I can still remember thinking I might be crazy to buy a house with such a tiny master bedroom closet.  

Creating an entire wall of closet has made our bedroom much more functional.

We still desperately need to paint, but I haven't had time yet.

The yard was in pretty rough shape on moving day.  That wasn't even our furniture!

Admittedly, we still need to build a deck and do some pretty serious landscaping, but at least now we have a small sanctuary in the middle of the yard.

We even built a little fire pit.

There's still so much to do, but at least we are making progress.  Which room do you think we should tackle after the bathroom renovation?  We're debating between the family room and the dining room...  The kitchen will wait until after our wedding.

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