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Fans of my blog, Fresh Coat of Paint, probably know that I'm not just a DIY'er/ greyhound lover/ blogger... I'm also a Real Estate Broker who works in and around Toronto.  In addition to blogging, renovating, fostering greyhounds and hanging out with Corey, I serve a large number of buyers and sellers and advise and assist them in handling what is often their largest and most emotional investment!

To illustrate how much I love and believe in investing in real estate, the first thing I said to Corey after we bought the new/old house was "Now we need to really save so that we can buy another one!"  If you're a regular reader, you can imagine the fear this sparked in Corey, since he's the one doing most of our renovations! ;)

I love my work (which has grown quickly, entirely through good word of mouth and referrals) and I like to ensure that my clients benefit from my expert advice and negotiation skills... while still enjoying the process with a trusted friend.  What could be better, right?  Barkley (pictured above) also appreciates the referrals, since they keep him in the lifestyle (lots of bones and toys) to which he has become accustomed. :P

I am so passionate about real estate that I actually serve on the Toronto Real Estate Board's Government Relations Committee in order to lobby for changes that will impact my clients, stay on top of policies which may affect market conditions and to positively influence the industry I love.

I also keep in contact with my clients long after we have finished working together and often pop-by, call or send them interesting information via email.  I often refer to my email list as my "Client Appreciation Program" and, for the first time, I'm opening this list to anyone who reads my blog.

Here's a sample of the information I sent one month this past year.  Click to enlarge:

So why would you want to be a part of this free email list?  Here are some great reasons:

1.  It isn't ALL about real estate!  

I understand that it's MY job to wake up thinking about the real estate market, but unless you're currently thinking about buying or selling, houses probably don't rank on your list of things that cross your mind before you brush your teeth.  I get it!  That's why I send information on wellness, home improvement, safety and a range of topics, so there's something for everyone!  This information is not only helpful and valuable, but the stats make great conversation topics with family and friends.

2.  When it IS About Real Estate, it's Important, Interesting and Quick to Read.  

Why sift through all the conflicting and sensationalized news headlines when you can get a quick, expert opinion in under five minutes?  People like to discuss the market but very few people have the time to sort through all the headlines and keep up-to-date.  Why not be well informed about the market at your next social gathering?

3.  It Lets Us Keep In Touch.  

I like to stay in touch and update my clients on the market, but also on interesting articles, upcoming market trends, new products and my own news.  I also like to interact with my clients and encourage them to ask questions or respond to my newsletters.

I work entirely by referral, and I truly care about my clients and work to ensure they make the best decisions when buying or selling a home.  I'd love any of your referrals in and around Toronto, but I'm also very well connected with agents all over North America who work the way I do:  By referral; with the goal of building long-term relationships with their clients!  If you don't live near me, but had a question, I'd be happy to direct you to someone I trust who works in your area!

I hope you've enjoyed the items of value I included in this post.  If you would like to receive something like this EVERY MONTH, email me at taylordesa@gmail.com with "Mailing List" in the subject!  ... And don't forget to "Like" my Facebook Page!

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