Fascinating Facets

Fascinating Facets... Have I outdone myself with the bad puns? Probably.  This main picture (above) is actually my living room colour palette in a pixelated version.  Can you tell that it's growing on me?
Today is moving day but I pre-scheduled this post in case our internet at the new/old house isn't set up for a few days.  This one is going to be short, sweet and mostly eye candy!

Thanks Ryan... but I actually meant a different type of eye candy!  As a "math person" I really like the current geometric trend in home design.  I even made some DIY geometric bookends last month.  I find that patterns can be both comforting and stimulating at the same time.  Before you chant, "nerd alert" over and over at your computer screen, take a look at a few examples:

Origami Coffee Table from West ElmI love this one.  It actually inspired this whole post.  If we weren't trying for another second-hand styled home, I would buy this for the living room.  Corey likes it too... Finally, we agree on something after arguing about my modern art, piano and toilet-sink.  Actually, my friends are now teasing me about the toilet-sink and threatening to boycott it... or worse!  ...But that's another story.

Robert Abbey Lamp from Lamps Plus:  I'm a big fan of this one too.  It's affordable and it comes in many colours!

Society 6 Print by Steve WomackI love the colours and Society 6 is a cool website to check out for cheap art prints.  Corey just pointed out that this "matches" the background of my blog: Unintentional but cool.

Geometric Pillow Cover on EtsyI really like the colours here and, I feel like it could look good in a Modern, Southwestern or even a Minimalist themed home.

Geometric Wall Stencil from Olive Leaf StencilsI always love interesting walls.  I contemplate trying stencils from time to time... Maybe in the new house.  I wonder how badly I'll mess it up.

Geometric VasesThese are so pretty.  They look like origami to me.
Moravian Star from EtsyI think this is a great twist on the moravian stars I've been seeing everywhere.  Kind of like an adult mobile!

Polygon Dhurrie Rub from CB2I honestly don't love these but this room is just such a good example of geometric design.  Personally, I think this trend works best in moderation with some solids or softer prints (maybe florals) mixed in.  They tend to look harsh otherwise.  I do however, like that they mixed the colour and scale of the patterns.
Patterned Pillow from ZazzleAgain, not my favourite.  I'm including this because the colour combination of purple and lime green is so gutsy and vibrant!
Honeycomb MorphologiesThis honeycomb wall is just so... different.  I can't decide whether I love it or not.  Corey thinks it's awful and weird. I think it's fluid and organic looking... but better as an art installation than a practical room divider.
What do you think?  Notice how the colour and size can impact the feel of the print?  I found that stencilled wall positively serene, while that bright orange rug is a little too energetic for me.
Would you embrace this trend in your home?  I was going to make a joke about being a square but I decided it was too cheesy.

That's all for today.  Wish us luck with the move and I'll post again as soon as I can.
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