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It's no secret that we are big fans of Craigslist in our house.  We've had amazing luck before, which you can read about in these posts and we're currently selling our furniture in order to make room for new decor in our new home.  Corey and I love vintage furniture and there's something lovely about giving items a "new home" and then passing them along to someone else. 

Our Craigslist Challenge is off to a great start and we're thrilled to be meeting tons of people who will love our furniture.  Yesterday, our retro ottoman (pictured above) found a great home with a young couple in Leslieville and we're hoping to have sold many other items by the end of the week.

I haven't shopped Craigslist since we moved to the condo three years ago, so it was a crazy coincidence when Chris of styleNorth (one of my favourite bloggers... and not just because he's my cousin) wrote about some fantastic new thrifter blogs.  These bloggers follow sites like Craigslist and Kijiji and post their favourite (and sometimes humourous) listings frequently.  Normally, I like to do my own "homework" but I found Listings List to be especially well curated.  The author was also kind enough to feature some of my own items on her blog!

Now, I'm not in the market for much until after we move... Although I may have purchased something I found on Listings List, but I'll post about that later.  ;)  I do, however, like a good bargain and I couldn't resist checking out the current Toronto Craigslist postings to see if I could find anything cool that may interest my readers.  Besides, I figured that posting about these items would allow me to resist the urge to buy any of them.

So, with inspiration from Listings List, I give you my own version of my current Craigslist favourites:

I love this mid-century modern walnut buffet and it's actually priced quite reasonably.

How pretty is this dresser?  I think it would look lovely in a child's room.

I would love to see this sofa reupholstered in a chic fabric!

It should be no surprise that this retro, Wassily-esque chair made the list.  It would look so hip in a loft!

This unique coffee table is gold and it swivels!

I love a good mid-century mod lamp!

I would sip pina coladas in this coconut chair!

I'm always a sucker for reasonably priced teak!

This apartment sized sofa is chic and cheap at only 150 bucks!

What do you think?  Do you love Craigslist as much as I do?  Okay, I'll confess that I'm sort of considering one of these items for the new pad.  You'll never guess which one!

Note: With all the Criagslist love, I think it's important to also be cautious.  Check out this great article which outlines 8 vile Craigslist scams to be aware of.
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